Drink to your Health... With Water!

Some nutritionists insist that 80% of the country is walking around dehydrated. We drink plenty of other liquids - juices, teas, sodas. Any drinks containing caffeine helps to further dehydrate our bodies. More troubling is that fact that when we are dehydrated, we don't know what to drink.

The answer is simple: DRINK WATER!


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Adventist Hospital - Cebu

Adventist Hospital – Cebu located at 400 Tres de Abril Street, San Nicolas, Cebu City, Philippines, is a tertiary level hospital owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  It is a link in a chain of hospital that the church operates around the world.

On April 8, 1956, Adventist Hospital – Cebu was formally opened to the public as a 20-bed, one doctor hospital with a skeleton working force of 16 personnel.

The expansion of the hospital’s right wing in 1964 was deemed necessary due to the demand of the community for bigger and better facilities. With the physical expansion, the clinical facilities and personnel also enlarged accordingly.  At this time the food service was opened.

The entire original building, which was constructed mostly of light materials, was torn down and new solid concrete structure was constructed.

More rooms were added, improvements of the Business Office, the Medical Records Section, the Emergency Room, the expansion of the Dining Room, The Service Counter, the Canteen, the relocation of the Physical Therapy department to a more spacious, convenient and practical place, the renovation of the Mary Miller Hall, the construction of the 3-storey Medical Staff house, and the widening of the ground lobby and hallway. These improvement signified progress.

Today, after having undergone a face-lift in its physical structure, the hospital now proudly offers an improving Medical Care Service in a modern 100-bed, five-storey building.



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